WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

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The vape juice game is changing as we know it!

Black Note is the definition of a premium e juice brand and they are now carried here at Vape Wholesale Supply. There is so much to brag about when it comes to this company so let’s hop right into to.

First of all, where else are you going to find a naturally extracted tobacco flavor?

Black Note specializes in tobacco themed e liquid. One thing that they take pride in is their nine step process when it comes to making their e juices. It is a two to three year process which consists of planting, growing, curing, and extracting flavor from actual tobacco leaves. Every single one of their flavors are made from authentic tobacco leaves and do not include any additives.

One thing that really grabs the attention is that this brand is completely FDA compliant and do not appeal to youth whatsoever. Their e liquids are actually the first lab-certified N.E.T juices ever on the planet.

Due to Black Note’s nine step process and producing extremely high quality e juices, there is no gunk factor when it comes to vaping these flavors. The liquids are so clean that you can expect your coil life to last twice as long!

For anyone who is looking to vape on the most luxurious juices of them all, we highly suggest Black Note to you. This is the first time we are seeing vape juices of this kid.