WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

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Disposable vape bars are trendy in today's society for many reasons. Convenience is a significant factor. It is a lot easier for someone to carry around a small vape bar, such as the Drip Bar, Hype Bar, or Puff Bar, compared to a large two or three battery mod. Being able to fit the device in a pants or shorts pocket is something people look for now.

These devices are in the limelight of everyday lives. Everyone knows what a Puff Bar is, and more recently instead of cigarette breaks, you are starting to see nicotine breaks. With a large number of disposable devices on the market, consumers can find which one works best for them.

The small size that fits into the palm of a hand, along with the 400+ puff lifespan, makes the disposable vape devices the best choice for finding alternatives to combustible cigarettes. 

The flavor production from these disposable vape pens can also trump the flavor experience from a traditional e juice, which is another STRONG factor why this is a more popular choice than other devices on the market.

Nasty habits can be kicked when a cleaner nicotine alternative to cigarettes is invented and has small, tasty, convenient, and inexpensive attributes.