WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

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All of us here at Vape Wholesale Supply cannot get enough of DRYD E Liquid. They were originally created by Pampa E Juice, and they have created a few outstanding fruit flavors.

In fact, they were so good that were released and won awards at the 2016 ECC Vape Convention. Each one of their e liquids emcompasses superior flavor and the highest quality.

The two vape liquids we carry are called Premium Mix and Tropical Mix. They are both fruity and taste spot on to their profiles.

Premium Mix tastes like a blend of apple, pear, and melon.

Tropical Mix is profiled to taste like a blend of strawberries, kiwi, and other mixed fruit. They both have creamy notes which gives them an outstanding aftertaste.

They utilize an 70/30 VG/PG blend which provides thick clouds and strong flavoring. They come served in white boxes that look sleek and professional.

Overall this vape liquid is the bomb and we highly recommend them  to anyone looking for a new all day vape.

Vape Wholesale Supply currently carries DRYD E Liquid in 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG nicotine levels in 120ML bottles.

Don't wait until it's all gone, grab some today while we still got it!

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