WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

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Flippin’ Packs Wholesale is the newest craze in the vape community!

If you were a cigarette smoker, then you know the sick pleasure you would get from opening up a pack of cigarettes by flipping the top of the pack open.

Now you can get that same feeling with this new creative packaging for vape juice! These guys have based their new collection of premium e liquid around a flip-top box with two 60ML unicorn bottles of e juice in it!

The vaping industry is trying to do what they can to get more and more smokers away from cigarettes and onto vaping. Flippin’ Packs has come up with this brilliant marketing technique and we are sure that they are going to make a big name for themselves with their premium e liquid!

So far they have only released one flavor, Watermelon, but be sure to be on the lookout for more delicious and succulent flavors from these guys in the future!

The Watermelon flavor comes in a flip-top box with two 60ML unicorn bottles inside. This flavor is filled with juicy and sweet watermelon notes that you will fall in love with immediately. The flavor is so mouth watering you will be on your knees begging for more after the first vape!

The throat is smooth and subtle so that allows for you to make this your new all day vape! We know you will be extremely satisfied with this premium e juice!

Vape Wholesale Supply carries Flippin’ Packs in a flip top box with two 60ML bottles equalling 120ML of premium vape juice.

Grab your wholesale needs here today! You do not want to miss out!