WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

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Juice Head Salts Wholesale is a brand new premium nicotine salt line that is produced by the new brand Juice Head.

Juice Head is based out of California and has made a great name for themselves in the vaping community. They are known to perfectly execute any fruit flavor profile in their way. One of their most popular premium nic salt flavors is Watermelon Lime.

Watermelon Lime has a perfect fruit blend between ripe watermelon and fresh lime. From inhale to exhale, the flavor production is unreal and you can truly vape on this nicotine salt flavor all day long without any issues.

One thing that separates this premium salt nic line from the rest is the flavor production. When vaping on these salts, it almost feels like you are vaping on an actual e juice because of how much delicious flavoring is produced.

Another thing to note about this line is that these nicotine salts have very smooth throat hits. Unlike most nicotine salts, you can vape on these all day long and not have to worry about things such as throat irritation or excessive coughing.

If you are looking to upgrade your nicotine salt arsenal then Vape Wholesale Supply highly recommends Juice Head Salts to be your first pick.