JUUL Wholesale is here to take over the vaping industry. These guys know how to create an experience perfect for those of you who are looking to quit smoking!

JUUL has taken the world by storm and we here at Vape Wholesale Supply are so excited to finally be able to get you all of your JUUL wholesale needs!

Whether you want to quit smoking or you just prefer a more concentrated level of nicotine JUUL has you covered. The vape devices created by JUUL are designed with smokers in mind. The design is small and discreet so you can fit the device in the palm of your hand or in between your fingers, as you would hold a cigarette. The vape device fits in your pocket as well because it is small and light, not bulky and heavy!

Another great thing about JUUL is that they have a wide variety of nicotine salt pod flavors. They have flavors like Mango, Cool Mint, Creme, or even, Virginia Tobacco! Whether you like fruity, dessert, menthol, or tobacco flavors, we’ve got you covered!

All of these pods come in a pack of four which can last you a week’s worth of vaping! Each vape pod contains 0.7ML of nicotine salts. All of the cartridges have a concentrated level of 5% nicotine. They are interchangeable and nonrefillable.

Vape Wholesale Supply carries eight different JUUL nicotine salts pod flavors including Cool Mint, Mango, Virginia Tobacco, Classic Tobacco, Classic Mint, Fruit, Creme, and Cucumber.

Hope on the newest vaping trend today here at Vape Wholesale Supply with these high quality and long lasting products by JUUL!