WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

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Something different!

Moku Oyatsu is here and in full effect. They are an outstanding e liquid brand that first took flight in early 2016.

Since then they have blessed the industry with multiple creations of top selling e juice that have simple yet spot on and genuine flavor profiles.

They package their premium vape liquid in triangular boxes using multiple unicorn bottles for on-the-go dripping.

We here at Vape Wholesale Supply back this company 100 percent and think they have done a great job, and we are excited to see what is next to come.

The first on their flavor menu is called Bolt, it tastes like a big blast of spearmint and other light minty notes. It is not quite menthol, but it does have a little bit of sharpness to it that gives it the same effect.

Next up is Cuties, it is profiled to taste like a freshly peeled Mandarin Orange. With every hit you will taste the sugary sweet citrus blend which is sure to have you wanting more.

Last on their line up is White Gummi and it tastes exactly like it sounds, like a white gummy bear. The white gummy bear is a mystery, but we dissected it pretty well on the product page.

All of these premium vape liquids were crafted with a 70/30 VG/PG ratio in order to ensure strong cloud production and heavy flavoring.

Vape Wholesale Supply currently carries Moku Oyatsu in packages containing six 30ML unicorn bottles for a total of 180ML, in 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG nicotine levels.

Grab some today and enjoy!

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