WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

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NKTR Salt is available on shelves here at Vape Wholesale Supply and we are very eager to share these with you!

NKTR is a very popular premium vape juice brand that has made a big name for themselves through the use of Tobacco Free Nicotine. That means that each one of their e juices has more true flavors than most typical e liquids!

NKTR Salt is now here to take over the nicotine salt industry with the same Tobacco Free Nicotine style that has worked for NKTR all these years!

NKTR Salt focuses on different unique fruit flavor profiles that taste so clean and spot on anyone will be impressed!

Some of their most notable flavors are Citrus Ice, Island Blend, and Sour Apple. Each one of these premium nic salts has its very own special twist to make it stand out against the competition.

Citrus Ice takes on the undeniably delicious flavor of lemon and lime blended together with cooling menthol.

Island Blend has the flavor of juicy guava with a unique tropical blend. If you can’t get away right now, grab some of this salt nic to feel like you’re on a tropical vacation!

Last but not least. Sour Apple. This premium nic salt is perfect for you sour lovers out there. It has the mouthwatering flavor of a tart green apple fresh from the tree!

Vape Wholesale Supply carries all of these flavors by NKTR Salt and more so, check them out and find the flavor perfect for your vape pod, today!