WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

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Oh my gosh!

OMG E Liquid is here for your vaping pleasure at Vape Wholesale Supply and we couldn't be more excited about it. We have carried this brand for a long time now and they are known to create some stellar vape juice.

They have a few flavors to choose from that all became top sellers in the industry. If you are fan of candy themed vape liquids then we highly suggest you check them out, you will not be disappointed.

Some of the premium flavors that we carry by this brand include SMH, WTF, and WTF Ice.

SMH tastes like a blend of ripe strawberries and kiwis infused into fruit punch. It is a strong and delicious fruity flavor that is sure to leave you wanting more.

WTF tastes like classic strawberry sour straws, it tastes just like the real thing and will leave your taste buds tingling after every hit.

WTF Ice follows the same flavor profile as the original, however it includes a splash of ice cold menthol!

Vape Wholesale Supply is stoked to carry OMG E Liquid on our shelves and even happier to bring it to our beloved customers.

They come in 120ML bottles so you are sure to get more bang for your buck.

Enjoy some today!