WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

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Looking for the perfect way to hop on the newest wave in the vaping industry in nicotine salts?

Well, look no further because we have the brand for you. If you have been vaping for a while, and are familiar with some of the top brands in the industry, then we are confident that you have heard of Ruthless Vapor.

Well now we have the best of both worlds as we are excited to inform you that we now carry Ruthless Nicotine Salts, and we couldn’t be more stoked. These guys really know how to make some quality juice, and nic salts!

A couple different flavors from these guys are so delicious that we could not wait to tell you all about. The first of which is Ez Duz It. If you are big into fruit flavor profiles this is the nic salt for you. When you think of two fruits that were destined to be together, strawberry and watermelon seem to always be the first that come to mind. 

 The second of which is Grape Drank. This is the perfect juice for all you that love you some grape soda out there. That refreshing crisp soda sensation has been paired perfectly with luscious grape flavor to create one of the most fulfilling nic salts we have ever tried.

Vape Wholesale Supply carries Ruthless Nicotine Salts in a concentrated nicotine level of 35MG in 30ML bottles!