WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

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It is always refreshing to see a company come out producing fire products with the vapers best interest in mind.

Taffy Man is definitely one of those companies, that truly believes in the positive life changing effects that vaping has to offer. Since first hitting the market in 2015, these guys have been making quality e juice, at the most affordable of prices to ensure that everyone has to opportunity to enjoy them.

Let us be the first to tell you that these taffy flavored e liquids are no joke and are literally flying off of our shelves as fast as we get them in!

There are a couple juices from these guys that we could not wait to tell you about. The first of which is GR8APE. GR8APE is one of those e juices that provides you with a certain nostalgia that money cannot put a price on. It seems like every family vacation to the beach as a kid involved copious amounts of salt water taffy, and if grape never seemed to let us down. That is exactly the flavor profile achieved in this e juice.

Another is H20Berry. When you are thinking of delicious fruit flavors to combine, it seems that strawberry and watermelon are more often than not a likely pair. What better way to enhance the already delicious flavor of these two fruits combine than to give it that notorious taffy flavor to really take this e liquid over the edge.

The VG/PG blend achieved in all of Taffy Man products is the industry standard 70/30, making drip or tank use ideal while achieving both maximum flavor retention and cloud production.

Vape Wholesale Supply carries 100ML bottles, and we have plenty of them! Taffy Man is offered in multiple nicotine levels of 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG to accommodate any vaping preferences that you might have.