WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

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The Custard Shoppe Salt Nic Wholesale is a brand new premium nicotine salt flavor line that has just arrived here at Vape Wholesale Supply. If you like vaping on nicotine salts then we highly recommend that you grab a flavor from this line immediately!

The Custard Shoppe is a premium e juice flavor line that is produced and manufactured by the same brand as Jam Monster. These liquids are made in state of the art clean labs and use only the highest quality of ingredients which it really shows when vaping on these e juices.

The Custard Shoppe Salt Nic currently has only released one original flavor which is Butterscotch but we expect the remaining flavors to be released soon.

Butterscotch takes on a creamy butterscotch custard pie flavor profile that is perfect amount of strong flavor along with creaminess. 

The custard pie aspect of the profile is the basis of these flavors and let us tell you first hand; they have perfected it down to a science.

Not only is the flavor delicious but it is never ending. This means that each hit is just as tasty as the last and the flavor never ends. The mouth to lung experience that these premium nicotine salts provide is stellar.

All in all, The Custard Shoppe Salt Nic is an amazing pickup and if you are looking to upgrade either your e juice arsenal or nicotine salt arsenal, Vape Wholesale Supply has you covered.

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