WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

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Saveur Vape is back with another premium e juice flavor line and you can find it here at Vape Wholesale Supply right now!

It goes by the name of The Standard100 and the flavor line up is something far beyond perfect. Saveur Vape is known to have a reputation that consists of producing some of the best tasting juice and always being ahead of the game. This was shown with the previous flavor line, The Standard Gummy, and is now supported even more with The Standard100.

Summer is here and this is the season that all of the vape juice brands release their best flavors. The Standard100 definitely caters to the summer season and it shows in the three flavors that have been released.

Pink100 is a iced pink lemonade e juice flavor that will not only provide you with the flavor sensation that you have been longing for but it will also help keep the taste buds refreshed, especially during a hot summer day.

Blue100 is a summer melon mix that consists of multiple melon fruits all blended together into one magnificent e liquid flavor. It is the perfect complement to any sunny day!

Lastly, there is Yellow100 which is a peanut butter cream themed e juice. This is the type of sauce that is perfect for those summer nights with the friends.

We hope to see more flavors released into the The Standard100 flavor line because time has shown that anything produced by Saveur Vape is perfection!