WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

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We are here to talk about Okami Salts.

Okami Salts is a brand new premium nicotine salt line that packs a huge flavor punch! From the second that Okami Salts released their four original flavors to the market, they instantly blew up. They are considered one of the top nicotine salt brands in the game today and with each inhale you can see why.

Okami Salts is designed and produced by the prestigious brand that manufactures Rockt Punch. We are quite sure that you are quite familiar with the vape juice flavor line Rockt Punch because they are one of the best sellers here at Vape Wholesale Supply!

Okami Salts uses the highest quality of ingredients possible and after countless times of meticulously testing their products, they have been able to produce a perfect premium nicotine salt.

While Rockt Punch focuses more on unique flavor profiles, the nicotine salt line Okami Salts, perfected the popular profiles. One of the best sellers is Apple Dior. It takes on the flavor profile of a crisp green apple infused piece of bubblegum. Another fan favorite his Blue RZA which has the popular flavor profile of a straight blue raspberry sensation.

Okami Salts delivers some of the best mouth to lung experiences in the nicotine salt game. They are known worldwide and carried in almost Online Vape Retail and Wholesale shop. If you are looking for a salt line that you can count on which produces only the best flavor and clouds then you have came to right brand.