WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

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Based out of Chatsworth, California, the guys at Humble Juice Company have made quite a name for themselves.

In fact, the only thing humble about these guys hustle is the name, as all of their products stand out so much that it is hard to remain humble when boasting about them.

Through their effective marketing, distinguished bottles, and overall quality of product these guys have humbly climbed the ladder in the industry as one of the most reputable vape juice brands out there.

There are a couple juices from these guys that are too good for us not to mention. The first of which is their best seller, and the truth as it pertains to tropical fruit flavor profiles.

Donkey Kahn is the name, and it will bring you straight to an island getaway, holding a fruity refreshing drink digging your toes in the sand. Strawberry and banana have been fused together perfectly, with dragon fruit undertone that is so good it is truly hard to explain.

Another delectable e liquid from these guys is Berry Blow Doe. with a name that cool it's hard to imagine this e juice wouldn’t be great. This juice is the perfect translation of those blue raspberry bubble gum lollipops that you grew up loving.

The VG/PG blend of all e juices in this line is an 80/20, focusing on flavor retention, but not compromising cloud production in the slightest bit.

Vape Wholesale Supply carries Humble Juice Company products in 100ML bottles in nicotine levels of 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG to meet any and all vaping preferences that you might have.